Mammography is a screening test that identifies breast cancer and other conditions related to the breasts. X-ray technology is used to examine the breast. The images created from the x-ray are called a mammogram, which is interpreted by a radiologist who determines if a patient is at risk for breast cancer.

Mammogram Screening

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, one in eight women will develop breast cancer by age 75. It is crucial for women to receive regular mammograms to check for signs or symptoms of breast cancer. The earlier breast cancer is found and treated, the higher the likelihood it is curable.

How do I prepare for a mammogram?

Please refrain from wearing powder, lotions, or deodorants on the day of your test, as they can show up on your x-ray.

Do mammograms hurt?

Mammograms often cause brief discomfort from the machine’s pressure and compression. We recommend waiting until a week after your menstrual cycle to have this test performed, as the breasts are often less tender.

How often should you get a mammogram or clinical breast exam?

Specialists recommend women at average risk for breast cancer get a mammogram every one to two years, starting at age 40. You should continue mammogram screening until at least age 75.


Your OB-GYN may perform a clinical breast exam during your annual visit to check for abnormal shapes, puckers, dimples, or redness of the breasts. Clinical breast exams should be performed every one to three years for women ages 25-39 and every one to two years for women 40 years and older.

Mammogram Screenings in Sylacauga, AL

For over a decade, Sylacauga Obstetrics & Gynecology has provided women the best care for their bodies in a comfortable and safe environment. We refer all mammograms to the Coosa Valley Medical Center in Sylacauga, where you’ll receive the region’s best care.

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